Online videos

Did You Know? Did you know?

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

Your website visitors are 4 times more likely to view videos than anything else.

Music videos, creative videos, sports videos, spoof videos!

Online video can be useful for pretty much anything.

If you have something to say or something to show, online video is the way to go!

Shots of Irish scenery filmed using a slider dolly.

Wolves Return to Ireland - viral spoof documentary.

'A Galway Tale' by Valentino is Dead.

Not just nice to look at...

For people, video is more attractive, enjoyable and easier to remember.

For search engines like Google, online video is becoming increasingly important, beating text results in searches.

Good Google + engaged customers = happy you!

Comedy series 'Director Hector' - spoof documentary.

Charity music video: 'Wishing Well' by The Enemies, featuring Katy Anna Mohan. (Directed by Ciaran Mc Cabe. Camera: Dean Caldicott, David Mc Connon. Editing & colouring: Dean Caldicott.)

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