Photo Montage videos

Did You Know? Did you know?

Sites which include video have an extra 2 minute dwell time compared to sites which don’t.

Photo montage videos are photos placed together and made into a video.

It is a lower cost alternative to filmed video or motion graphics.

Irish Wildlife Trust Facebook Users' photos.

A video without video!

Filming is not required - if you only want a few photographs or graphics to show something, then this is enough to make a basic photo montage.

Earth as Art.

Good to go...

With optional text, music and narration, you can quickly have a simple but useful video.

Italy: Pompeii, Vesuvius and Herculaneum.

Simple but effective...

Once online, your photo montage is working for you as a video advert.

From an SEO aspect, a photo montage can still rank higher than text and still images.

Cheap, cheerful, simple...yet effective!

Italy: The Amalfi Coast.

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