Terms & Conditions

"The producer" in the text below refers to Icon Video.ie.

Written Agreement

Upon agreement of service and price, there will be a simple written agreement between the client and the producer which agrees on and briefly states:

The written agreement is for clarity and reference for client and producer and is not a contract or legal document.

Draft Videos

A maximum of four draft videos for minor changes are available.



Upon written agreement of service and price, a €75 deposit is required from the client before work commences.

The deposit is refundable if the project is cancelled before work commences and is non-refundable once work commences.

'Work' here refers to any pre-production* or production** related to the project carried out by the producer.
*Pre-Production: scriptwriting, script consulting/feedback, storyboarding, planning, creation of assets (graphics, text, logos, audio, etc.).
**Production: filming, sound recording, voice-over recording, animation.


The fee balance shall be paid by the client upon approval of the completed video and prior to upload and/or delivery of the video files to the Client.

Upon receipt of the balance, the producer will supply the completed, full quality video(s) to the client.

Safety and Insurance

Where the shoot shall take place at client premises or a location designated by the client, the responsibility for ensuring said location is safe and that adequate insurance is in place shall be vested in the client.

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